The Legacy Lives On




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Hailee Steinfeld as June Iparis, Brenton Thwaites as Daniel “Day” Wing

Song: Flaws by Bastille


So, for the longest time, I’ve always been more of the Contemporary kind of reader but recently, I’ve been having this certain drive to shift genres and read more Dystopian books. I’ve read Divergent before, but didn’t like Allegiant that much so this trilogy did not really make it to my favorites list. Another Dystopian, is The Hunger Games trilogy which have been my favorite series until I read The Legend Trilogy of Marie Lu. I marathon-ed the entire trilogy in just a week, and let me tell you, after reading Champion last night, I had to stop myself from rereading Legend right away.

I love the writing style, and I love how even if this is set in the future, I can connect to the characters. Another factor is that though there is romance in this, it wasn’t highly focused on. Of course, here and there you’d see tidbits of the character’s desire and adoration for the other but it was given as much highlight as their struggles as an individual. The characters, June and Day, seem so realistic just because their struggles are relatable.

Usually, what draws me in to a book is the depth of the words, their meanings. But in this one, it was more of the sacrifices of the characters, not just June and Day but everyone in particular. I know this is not the best write-up I can do, because this trilogy deserves better but I just can’t seem to find the right words to express how much impact it gave me. I’m still in a book hangover over this trilogy, but I think June and Day will forever be a part of me from now on.

I will definitely pick this up soon! Their story will linger on forever, as much as any other favorite book of mine. (Which I must say, is not a lot. — I tend to keep my favorites list short)

p.s. I know Day is described with a long blonde hair in the book, but Brenton Thwaites seems very fitting for his character when I was reading this trilogy so yeah. It’s a free world, imagine your own casts, if you will.

One thought on “The Legacy Lives On

  1. i searched up on google hailee steinfeld and Brenton thwaites so I could visualize them better in my head and I stumbled upon your post. it’s fascinating how we thought of the exact same pair of actors for the two characters in the story haha.


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