Brought To You By: The Office Ninja

wwwHi! (Wow. That’s two post in just two days!)  I’m feeling a bit insightful and creative. I’m actually preparing to join a Spoken Word Poetry night soon, but I haven’t written a piece yet.

Anyway, cause I’m slacking off at work (yet again), I wrote this and posted it in one of my group discussion in Goodreads! Forgive me if it’s not as carefully stitched together, I’m a bit rusty, I’m afraid. LOL. This doesn’t have a title really, so whatever pops in my head as soon as I’m done posting, that’ll be the title!

For the longest time, I’ve waited for that one special person
Someone who can brighten my day with a smile, who can bring butterflies with a simple gesture
And though I claimed to have never fully believed in destiny,
I unconsciously have been wishing for you
You paint my world vibrant colours with that captivating smile,
And because only you carry forever in your eyes

You’re nothing like I’ve ever seen,
Your presence is breathtaking; your warmth overwhelming
You, who shines brighter than the sun,
Glows more beautiful than the moon
There’s nothing in this world more perfect than the stars,
And you are all the constellations at once.

Meeting you was like stumbling upon a haven,
Everything I need wrapped up in a sculpture of precise beauty
In the simplest of explanation,
My entire world is every piece of you.

I’ll be back with a post soon (fingers crossed)! Picture’s not mine, but the one written on it is. It’s my office laptop’s wallpaper, cause I actually love constellations and stars and the galaxy!


Fortuitous Twinkles, Potatoes!


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