Top 5 Wednesday: Sorry, I Just Can’t–

Hi, my dearest Cabbages! (That’s weird, I know. Well…)

I come bearing my Top 5 Did-Not-Finish (DNF) books! This bandwagon was created by Lainey; it’s got a Goodreads page, followed by bookworms all over the world! So, come join the fun!

Even though I am sadden whenever I don’t get to finishing a book, there are times that I just can’t go on with it. Here’s my participation:



So, I’ve said it before: I’m not really a humanities fiction reader. I always have a hard time finishing them, but I manage.

One of the first few books I dived into back when I was younger (except for the intermediate books then, of course), was Paulo Coelho‘s The Alchemist and By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept. Then when I got to college, a friend of mine recommended Brida, which I preferred more over the other ones. Overall, it was a good experience, until my impulse to buy books for their covers kicked in. Which brings us to this, a piece of my Did Not Finish list. I don’t know what’s about this one that I can’t read it ’til the end; probably the way it’s written or probably it’s just me not being a fan of humanities fiction (I’d like to think that).


4. MY NAME IS MEMORY by Ann Brashares


(P.S. That’s not my photo)

I absolutely adored Ann Brashares The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series, both novels and movie adaptations. I thought I can read her works beyond that cheesy-coming of age novel, but boy, was I wrong!

This is a book I’ve started multiple times, I manage to get until 130+ pages before my attention shifts to another book. And every time, I’d convince myself that there will come a time when I will be “in the zone” and power thru this. But as of now, I don’t see that happening in the near future (I’m still in the denial stage, I don’t think I’ll ever get around to finishing this).


3. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

This was one of the most hyped and somehow popular book among YA novels. One look, and I was like “meh“. I walked away already, and I should’ve kept my distance. BUT here comes the movie adaptation (and take note, I am easily won over by movies more than I am with books). Immediately after watching, I downloaded the epub version, dived into it with high expectations. And wow, I couldn’t even get past the first two chapters.

For the record, I won’t be finishing this book, ever. Sorry, I guess it’s just not for me.


2. TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer

Yup, I know. SORRY! I did try my best to love this book. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Again, movies–the movie adaptations won me over. Doesn’t change the fact that Bella Swan’s character is just downright one of the most annoying-whiny protagonist ever. I believe that’s why I couldn’t finish this, I can’t take Bella’s damsel in distress complex. It is popular in YA, that kind of heroines but there’s something about her that I just can’t! Somehow though, Kristen Stewart’s unique voice tone gave a little authority and confidence to the character, but still.

Anyway, another contributing factor as to why this is on my DNF shelf, is that I outgrew vampire stories. I adored The Morganville Vampire series of Rachel Caine but it’s too many books that I stopped reading it; nonetheless, it’s my ultimate vampire go-to novel.



We have reached the saddest entry to this post. I loved this series! Badass heroine, awesome powers! I purchased this book because I enjoyed the TV series! Here comes the problem, I was rooting for Alec and Chloe. After four chapters in the first book (Fallen), I researched if they will end up together (the TV series did not continue) and I found out that they didn’t. I was too devastated and demotivated to even finish.

Maybe someday I’ll get over my disappointment with the OTP’s and find the time to get on with this.

I just recently added a DNF shelf in my goodreads page, cause before I never saw the use of it, but now I think it’s also another way to help me track the books I’ve read.

I’d like to hear your thoughts,”What is your top DNF book?“, comment down below.

**Oh, and I don’t mean, in any way to offend people who love the books I’ve mentioned. I guess these 5 weren’t just for me, and there might be a lot more of this in the future. As much as I want to love every book that’s written, there are times that I can’t tolerate it and it will be a waste of time.


Fortuitous Sprinkles, Cabbages!



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Sorry, I Just Can’t–

  1. Have to admit, I quite liked Twilight when I was younger. I haven’t even started reading the other ones you mentioned though so good on you to actually start 😛


  2. I DNF’d Twilight, too. I absolutely can’t stand the book or the movies, to be honest. I have My Name Is Memory, but haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll go in with low expectations if I ever get around to starting it.

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