Top 5 Wednesday: Cozy Partners

Hello, Cabbages!

Sorry for the late post, I was very busy with events for work yesterday. Anyway! I am back with another sharing of my Top 5! Yup, you got it–it’s TOP 5 WEDNESDAY! *insert happy dance here*

If you’re not familiar, Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey. It’s got a group in Goodreads, where you will see the topics per month! All you have to do is come up with your own set of line up about the topic for that week.

And without further ado, here’s my TOP 5 RAINY READS. So first, I’d just like to put it out there that in my own opinion, I enjoy sad books to match a gloomy weather. I don’t know why, but I just find it fitting to read books that involve star-crossed lovers or people dying when it’s raining. I think sad books should have its own genre, but really, that’s beside the point of this entire post. Sorry, I tend to talk too much some (most) times.

5. WASTELAND by Francesca Lia Block

This book, wow. THE FEELS. This was recommended to me by a good friend back in college (2013), she knew I’d love it. Why? Well, I enjoy metaphors, words stitched together to come up with heart-wrenching and tear inducing statements. Those beautiful words that I’d like to hear spoken to me someday. Okayyy. Back to this book, definitely one of my best rainy reads!  I can’t fully discuss what makes this book sad, why it’s got such vibe, without giving the entire premise away. But trust me, this work of art is wrapped in perfect melancholy that will live with you for the rest of your life.


I’ve never been a big fan of TFIOS, but it was a good book nonetheless. I loved the movie adaptation, a big part of that probably has something to do with Shailene Woodley. I was swept away by the drama presented in the movie that I can’t help but reserve a space for this story in my heart. Everything about the cinematography adds to the somber feels: the places, the playlist, all of it makes up for a rainy companion.

3. THE ONE by Kiera Cass

Ever since I fell in love with reading, I’ve never experienced two things: I never read the same book twice (not until I stumbled upon Isla and the Happily Ever After) and most importantly, I NEVER CRY IN BOOKS. But all that changed when I got to reading The One, the third installment in The Selection Series, although to me it will remain a trilogy. I have no interest in investing time to read The Heir or The Crown, just because I don’t want to ruin the perfect experience I’ve had with the first three books. The words Maxon utter to America, captures every emotion existing in this world. Anyway, I love the cozy feel to this; the sincere of his love for her–it’s one of the best Happily EverAfters I’ve ever encountered.

2. THE NATURE OF JADE by Deb Caletti 

I first knew about this book when I was at our local bookstore, and I asked my mom if I can buy a new book. There wasn’t too much books at the time that piqued my interest, then I got intrigued by its synopsis. A girl falling in love with a random guy in a zoo; as I grew up, I’ve learned to despise instalove tropes, but there are some that I can tolerate (ones that are beautifully written or those that are developed to something close to reality in the end). The feel of this novel is gloomy, reading it, you picture the pavements wet from rain and the sky casting shadows.

1. ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES by Jennifer Niven

It’s very unsurprising that this would have made it on here somehow. I mean, it’s about time that I shed some limelight onto this beautiful beautiful novel. I cannot even begin to put into words how I feel about this book, hence, the lack of a review. You know me, when I love a book, expect a review. I finished this last January 2016, and guess what, all I’ve managed to say was “It destroyed me in the most beautiful of ways”—it really did. I think another reason why I can’t begin to talk about this book is because it got way too personal for me. Hopefully one of these days, I do justice with a book review if ever I write one. Honestly, this is the BEST novel to devour during rainy days. The heartbreaking feels, the longing, it’s all too much to bear that you’ll need to cry your heart out.

So, I’m glad I got to share my list with everyone despite the late upload. Just to remind everyone, I am not forcing anyone to agree with my choices; if ever you don’t feel the same way towards any of the books I’ve listed, that’s totally cool.

P.S the photos are not mine, let’s give a round of applause to the respective owners! Anonymous people, thank you for letting me use your artworks! I did edit the few ones to include the quotes from each of the books. I got that idea from a reviewer from goodreads, I’ll find her profile and link it on here on my next post so you can all follow her!



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