Who Am I?


Here we are, Cabbages! The time has come for my 25 FACTS ABOUT ME! Well, I’m not really that interesting but I figured, if we’re going to spend so much time together, you might as well know a few random details about me. A fair warning, this post will try to be funny at times and is an all-out proof of my weirdness. #OddDuck

  1. I’m an only child. (Obviously the daughter of my parents.)
  2.  I was involved with so many sports when I was younger: Swimming, Volleyball, Chess, Muay Thai, Table Tennis, Darts, Figure Skating, Running and Badminton.
  3. Because of my “active” lifestyle, I used to drink Gatorade everyday; most days just out of habit.
  4. When I take a photo for Instagram or Facebook, I immediately delete it from my phone once I’ve uploaded it. This is because I feel like my phone space is running out.
  5. I’m not a gadget person. In fact, I recently changed my phone of 4 years.
  6. I spend way more on books than anything else. (With the exception of food!)
  7. I love Stars (hence, the blog name).
  8. My favorite constellation is Pisces.
  9. I don’t watch horror movies out of personal interest, since Insidious, because I no longer get scared with them.
  10. Even at the age of 21, I LOVE DISNEY. I live the saying, “You’re never too old for Disney”.
  11. I once won 9 straight times in a Monopoly Deal game of 10 rounds. (Yup! Queen of Monopoly Deal in the house yo!)
  12. I recently started calling myself “Spuds” (for no particular reason).
  13. I enjoy listening to Country music.
  14. I rarely subscribe to anything mainstream, mostly never.
  15. If you can’t tell, I’m in love with Peter Pan. So obsessed that I bought 3 Peter Pan books, with different covers, in 1 night.
  16. Once my hair reaches my shoulders, I have it cut back to a bob.
  17. I can never decide on my “favorites”. For some reason, I always end up with 2 or more choices.
  18. Whenever I write novels, I draft a floor plan of the places involved in the story.
  19. When reading a book, I associate the characters with actors and actresses. And sometimes, I don’t care if the physical attributes don’t even match; all throughout the story, I imagine the characters as their Hollywood counterparts instead of how the author originally described them.
  20. I am exactly in between extrovert and introvert. Balanced. A right mix of outgoing and reserved.
  21. I can’t hold nor follow a beat (I let my drummer dreams die when I was 8).
  22. I am terrified of balloons.
  23. I wear longs sleeves most of the time.
  24. When I have a crush, I give him a band-aid as a sign of my admiration. #creepy
  25. My friends refer to me as “Peculiar“.


So, there you have it, Cabbages! I hope I was able to share a piece of myself with all of you! Maybe you can go ahead and leave 2 random facts about you in the comment box below.

P.S. That’s me in the picture (duh?!). Yup. I cut my hair real short last month.




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