Top 5 Wednesday: Number Matters

Hello, Cabbages! Spuds in the house! Nope, THIS IS NOT A FOOD BLOG.

Anyway, I am here for our weekly dose of Top 5 Wednesday, I mean if you couldn’t tell from the title. And if you’re not familiar with this, it’s actually a group of bloggers and booktubers in Goodreads where they come up with their list pertaining to that week’s topic. Absolutely anyone can join the fun! So go ahead and start making your list!

This week, we’re going to share about Intimidating Books. I’ve developed and set my reading pace when I was still in gradeschool; and not to brag, but I’ve always been a fast reader since then. Now, I would admit that I slowed down. I’m way more picky with books and I spend most of the time working or being out, that I don’t have enough free time to power thru a 400+ novel in a day or two.

The way I came up with this list, I based it on the ones I put off reading because they require too much time and understanding. Some of them forces you to invest emotions because they’re complex and the premise is too heavy. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I am not a big fan of series, I hate waiting for the next installment. What I usually do is, I wait for the entire series to be finished, then that’s when I’ll read them. Plus of course the fact that I don’t subscribe to anything mainstream at the time of the hype, cause you know, I’m weird like that.

So, let’s dive in!

5. THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J. Maas


I’ve heard mixed things about this series, though most are still positive. Anything about assassin and one-man team, I’m sold! Hype is high and my interest on this is still quite unstable, so I’m still putting it off. Oh! And because I heard this was going to be a 7-book series, I still have a long time of waiting to go. Just the number of installments is intimidating itself, not to mention, the size of this book! Though the premise seems to be badass, I do believe that the world building will be too much for me to absorb. I need to allot time and dedication in finishing this series (someday).

4. SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE by Morgan Matson



My first Morgan Matson book was Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour. It was good, but the story pacing was quite slow for me. I developed a severe reading slump during and some time after reading that. My faith in her did was shaken, but I’d definitely still want to read her other works. Whenever I go to bookstores, I would see Since You’ve Been Gone; and every time I will pick it up, only to put it back down again. I couldn’t make up my mind whether to purchase it, until finally at around November 2015, I bought a copy. It’s quite thick, and I’m wondering if its pacing will be as slow moving as Amy and Roger’s. One of these days, when I’m craving for a perfect summer read, I will get around this.

3. ILLUMINAE by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff



BEAUTIFUL COVER. Unique writing presentation, but those two are the main reason as to why I find this book very intimidating. I’ve been wanting to purchase this to be a part of my collection, but I’m thinking there are other titles I’d rather purchase, ones that I know I will read. I can’t make up my mind if I will like the story, and so I am also undecided on reading this. The second installment has such a breathtaking cover than this one, by the way! Thankfully, my impulse buying did not kick in on this one, or I am sure to regret it.




So this, I’ve got a confession to make. I did not care much for Patrick Ness, until I started liking this guy, who is a BIG fan of the author. Back then, he would convince me to read Ness’ works. One time, I couldn’t decide which book to buy when I came across A Monster Calls. I bought it, finished it, and SURPRISINGLY found myself liking it. Then I got The Rest of Us Lives Here; and liked it too. Now, I purchased every single one of the Chaos Walking Trilogy. I couldn’t even start it because if you’ve seen the physical copy of this, you’d understand when I say, its pages are overwhelming. I would definitely read them, but not in the near future, because like I said, I’m too loaded with work.


Child Thief


Remember how I said I am obsessed with Peter Pan? We have reached the saddest part of this post. This book was recommended by a good friend of mine, and despite the size, I purchased it! I started it right after, but immediately set it aside because Humanities Fiction drains every ounce of my energy. The darkness surrounding this book became too overwhelming and time-consuming. I love the premise though, and I will surely finish this when I’m ready to commit to such heavy read.

Guess this wasn’t as interesting post, but nonetheless, I had a good time putting up this list. Hoping to hear your most intimidating book, kindly leave your answer in the comment box below.

Something interesting for today, my friend introduced a new drink to me. It’s called Barista’s Best! I got the Matcha Green Tea; confession, I’m consuming my second bottle for the day! I’m not sure if this exists in other countries, but I bought it in 7 eleven, so maybe you can check your branches there to see if they offer this.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Number Matters

    1. Really? I hope I’ll like it! I’m planning to marathon through it this December cause work will be quite easier then cause everyone will be on vacation mode, more or less. 🙂

      Do you have other recommendations?


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