Hello, Cabbages!

Again, no, this is not a food blog! By the title itself, you can tell what this post is all about. No one tagged me, but I decided to do it anyway ’cause really, why not (And ’cause I do what I want).

NEVER TAKE CREDIT FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S WORK! So thank you to the creators of this deliciously-named book tag: Thoughts and Afterthoughts + Reading with Jenna. Alright, we gotta lay out some ground rules before we begin:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
  2. Devour Dim Sum and answer the tag questions
  3. Tag 5 others to join your round table for some dim sum fun!

Now, without further ado, let’s get on with it!

1. TEA; A book that started off hot but quickly turned cold


The Wrath and the Dawn

This was a “big bang” in the book community, everybody wanted a copy. Cover was talked about. Then, a few other books with a similar premise came out, and then the hype slowly died down. This is a retelling of A Thousand and One Night; 2nd book is about to come out this 2016.

2.  CHIU CHOW DUMPLING; A book that features the element of land & sea


Cinderella in the Surf

I enjoy YA that involves sports, that’s why I’m an avid contemporary reader. This has the perfect summer feels; a balanced bit of melancholy and happily ever after. I believe this was never published in a physical copy, I’ll have to check that.

3. RICE NOODLE ROLL; A multi-layered character you’ve read (ex. Traits? Skills?)



I rarely get scared in movies, TV shows or books. BUT this book, I’m telling you, is probably the creepiest one I’ve ever encountered and I love it for that matter! It was definitely eerie in a lot of ways. The multi-layered characters: Cara & Zoe.

4. SHRIMP DUMPLING; A book with a transparent blurb that gives the story away


Coffeehouse Angel

Summary: When Katrina spots a homeless guy sleeping in the alley behind her grandmother’s coffee shop, she decides to leave him a cup of coffee, a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans, and some pastries to tide him over. Little does she know that this random act of kindness is about to turn her life upside down. Because this adorable vagrant, Malcolm, is really a guardian angel on a break between missions. And he won’t leave until he can reward Katrina’s selflessness by fulfilling her deepest desire. Now if only she could decide what that might be. 

Yup, you guessed it (well, not really ’cause it’s written all over the blurb).

5. STEAMED PORK BBQ BUNS; A book that is fluffy on the outside but packs a punch of flavor (ex. Message? Depth?)


The Paradox of Vertical Flight

This turned out far from what I expected. Covered with humor, this book tells a lesson and gives a realization on your perspective in life. I enjoyed the depth in this, and it’s become one of my favorite books ever!

6. CHICKEN FEET; A book with divided opinions



This book has a lot of fans, equal to the amount of “haters” it has. Personally, I’m not a huge fan, but I did enjoy it. Everyone’s got an acquired taste, we are all entitled to have different opinions. Honestly, I understand the points of those who didn’t like it, as much as I understand the reasons to love this book.

7. EGG-CUSTARD TART; A book that uses simple ingredients and cliches but executes it perfectly


Maybe Someday

This is definitely a cliche, not necessarily an instalove but it’s halfway there. But because it was beautifully written, it doesn’t even matter, you will enjoy it nonetheless.

8. MANGO PUDDING WITH EVAPORATED MILK; Any book recommendation + beverage or snack that’s a winning combination


Graffiti Moon

BAM! One of my favorite books! Most people loves to drink coffee while finishing up a book, but since this is an all-night adventure/roadtrip, you get the city feels. And what better way to complete that vibe than reading a cup of coffee in the most relaxing place you can find! Perfect in cold, windy nights.

9. FRIED SESAMI BALLS; A book with embossed text or design you just love to run your fingers over


Autumn Falls

This isn’t the most embossed cover I have in my shelf, but it’s cool how that heart on one of her nails is embossed. When I was reading this, I enjoyed running my fingers over it.

10. DIM SUM STEAM CART; The type of carrying bag you use to bring your books around (take a picture)

Well, I do have one actually! A specially unique book bag my grandmother made for me out of scrap cloths. But I am currently at work while typing this, so it’s too much of a hassle to take a picture and everything. One of these days, I’ll edit this probably and include a picture!

DONE! Wooo. That was fun! I’m tagging… EVERYONE! All of you should do this too! If you have other bookish tags or just any tags, I’d be happy if you can tag me. One question you should/can answer in the comments section below is: What’s your Steamed Pork BBQ Buns (A book that is fluffy on the outside but packs a punch of flavor)? 

I shall be back soon with a new post, more or less it will be a TW5. Have a great start of the week! Read a book, and bask under the sun!

P.S Pictures are from google.




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