Top 5 Wednesday: Twins

Hello, Cabbages!

I couldn’t really participate in last week’s Top 5 Wednesday for two reasons (that I am not proud of, but I will share anyway):

  1. I live in the Philippines and can’t really just fly out to the states in order to join BEA and BookCon.
  2. I am loaded with work stuff; got a lot of events coming up

BUT! I am back! I uploaded (late post, though) my participation for Top Ten Tuesdays just a few minutes ago (’cause I’m on a roll), so go check that out too!

Top 5 Wednesday (for those who aren’t familiar), is an activity started by Lainey. There’s a group in Goodreads, that houses the past, present & future topics. If you love putting up bookish related lists, you should definitely check it out!

This week’s topic is about the Top 5 Characters I’m Like. I usually relate to most of my books’ characters, sometimes I share a trait or two with them. It’s easy to fall in love with a book, once you’ve found similarities with its characters.

5.  JACK POLOVSKY from The Paradox of Vertical Flight

For those of you who has read this, let me just clear it up that I don’t have a child yet (I’m only 21, if you’re wondering). I also haven’t gone on a full-on, whole day roadtrip. The similarity I share with an 18-year old hippie boy, is his profoundness. Today, we often think of it as “overthinking”; I analyze things and events in a deeper perspective. Sometimes I feel weird on how much I use metaphors.

4. TRIS PRIOR from Divergent Series

Tris isn’t the best heroine in YA, but she sorts of kicks butt! I am one with her in terms of breaking the rules and questioning authority. I am overflowing with curiosity and questions. What I like most about her is how she embodies the entire vibe of being “Divergent“; like her, I cannot be defined by just a single label. I am more than what society pegs me to be. I have certain beliefs that I fight for and most of them doesn’t really go with the norm.

3. STARGIRL from Stargirl

One of my all-time favorite novel! It’s full of humor with hidden hard-hitting meanings. I am not as quirky as Stargirl, but I am often described as peculiar, just ’cause I have certain habits that’s not really often seen with “normal” people. But like in this novel, what’s normal anyway? Who defines it? Are societal standards deemed to be normal, or is it simply placing limits on us as individuals.

2. VAL JENSEN from V is for Virgin

That quote I used sums up everything as to why I feel I am like Val. Some people, especially those from my generation (and from the generation after mine), doesn’t fully grasp my take on staying intact until marriage. After reading this book, I didn’t feel so weird afterall, I realized I can stand firm of my belief without worrying of other people’s thoughts. Honestly, it is hard being this way, with all the temptation going around but I know I’ll regret giving it up while I’m still not bound with anyone. *Reminder, this is just my opinion, nobody has to agree with me. AND I am in no way judging those who’s done it.

1. VIOLET MARKEY from All the Bright Places

Here comes the most important part of this list. This is not because it’s my favorite book, but really, while and after reading this, I felt as if I’m Violet. I self-diagnosed myself (cause I’m weird) of being bipolar; and a few months ago, I came to my mom asking if I can consult a psychiatrist. I haven’t gone for a session though, I guess I’m just waiting for another episode until I actually go. I know that’s more of Finch’s diagnosis, but I am like Violet simply because I fell for a boy who’s a lot like Finch. I believe that’s what drew me in more with that guy. I was scared it would get worse for him that he cannot find his way out of the dark, and me not being able to help him. But last March, we saw each other during his birthday party, and I’ve never seen him more happy. I’m glad my own story turned out to be way different from Niven’s novel. If only Finch had infinite days with Violet too…

Like always, I enjoyed putting together this list! If you haven’t joined the fun yet, you should start tonight! Let’s all be book hermits together! I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment below as to your Top Alike Character.

I’m planning to do the Coffee Book Tag soon! If I have time, I’ll be uploading one tomorrow. If you have other interesting tags, maybe you can share them to me!

P.S. Pictures are from google; quotes are from their respective novels


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