Top Ten Tuesdays: Other Dimensions

Hi, Cabbages!

I’ve been busy with work, got tons of events coming up within the next two months. So  as early as now, I will be apologizing for the delay of some posts.

Anyway, I’ve come across Top Ten Tuesdays, created by Jana & Jamie over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is: Top 10 Non Bookish Websites I Waste My Time On (seriously, that was quite a mouthful).

5. ArchiWardrobe

I don’t really subscribe much to fashion trends, but this blog mostly features simple OOTD’s. I’m a bit sad though, cause now, the blogger no longer updates; I do follow her on Instagram & in Facebook. I used to spend most of my days in her older blog.

4. Thirsty Thoughts 

Again, this is another fashion blog; but the owner, Kryz Uy, also features her daily activities and travels. I can’t help but dream to be as chic and as successful as her someday.

3. Fotor 

This is a website for free photo editing, making collages and banners. Its got multiple effects and templates to choose from! I’m that weird, I get hooked (addicted) in creating banners and wallpapers.

2. To Write Love On Her Arms

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA), is a popular organization dedicated to helping out people with anxiety, depression and those who are struggling with constant suicidal thoughts. I’ve been reading the posts of people who shares their battle with the dark.

1. Instagram

Need I say more? THE BEST SOCIAL MEDIA. I believe a picture is worth a thousand words. (A bit of cheat here, my account is like 80% bookstagram, 20% boring hermit life of Spuds)


This was quite a hard list to put up, since I’m always on Goodreads now and mostly on my email; not to mention a ton of other websites that involves books! Follow me on Instagram!

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow! Got a new post coming up real soon, so stay tuned for that one too!


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