Over Caffienated

Hi, Cabbages!

I’m slacking off at work, and the office ninja is back! Sneaking a few blog posts here and there in the entire 9-hours of corporate work. Anyway, as promised, I will be doing a tag for my next entry!

Here we go, folks! May I present, THE COFFEE BOOK TAG! Again, no one tagged me, I just decided to do it on a whim. (*a cry for other book bloggers to tag me in bookish tags!) Just kidding!

Before I officially begin, let me just put it out there that I don’t drink coffee. Weird part (as if it’s not known to mankind or to the entire book community how peculiar I can be), I only drink coffee when I’m sick. Let’s not dwell on it any longer, thank you very much.

1. BLACK: A series that’s tough to get into, but has hardcore fans

harry potter

Okayyy, I know. It’s very unusual for someone to think of this series in such way that I just did. It’s good, I’m sure, I’ve seen the movie adaptations and tried reading the first installment BUT I just can’t seem to get into this book. Probably because I’m not a big fan of Fantasy books.

2. PEPPERMINT MOCHA: Book that gets more popular during  winter or festive time of the yearmy-true-love-gave-to-meI am such a fan of Stephanie Perkins, and for this question, I was supposed to go with Isla & the Happily Ever After but decided this would be a better choice instead. To anyone who’s looking for a good read on winter, or a book to snuggle up with on Christmas eve, this is your go-to, right here.

3. HOT CHOCOLATE: Your favorite children’s book


This is more of a middle-grade book, and it’s been my favorite since I read it back when I was in first year high school. For me, this is one of the best takes on the trope “smart girl falling for the school heartbreaker”.

4. DOUBLE SHOT OF ESPRESSO: Book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish


I have always loved me some good mystery. Definitely had me reading until 2 am in the morning, and neglecting my college thesis duties. I marathon-ed this entire series in about a week.

5. STARBUCKS: A book you see everywhere


Damn. This book, I haven’t read it, but I’ve been meaning to for the longest time now. This is such a sad book, based from its premise and the controversy surrounding it. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that kind of an emotional read. Hopefully before 2016 ends, I’ve already devoured this one.

6. THAT HIPSTER COFFEE SHOP: Give a book by an indie author, a shout out


This is a cute book, I loved it. Though its the typical naive girl being the “princess” of handsome, rich boys. As far as I remember, this is only available in ePub version. This was one of my first ebooks in my collection.

7. OOPS! I ACCIDENTALLY GOT DECAF: Book you’re expecting more from


If you’ve read my review, you’ll understand why I chose this. It’s definitely a good book, but it’s quite mild for my taste. It lacks the suspense that’s supposed to be evident in psychological thriller themed books/movies.

8. THE PERFECT BLEND: Book/Series that was both bitter & sweet but ultimately satisfying


My ultimate YA dystopia go-to book! It’s not cliche, nor mainstream. How it was stitched together, was just perfect. It was both expected, and yet you couldn’t help but hope for the opposite; in the tiniest piece of your vulnerable heart, you whisper a wish that the end will be a heartwarming one.

Done! That was quite fun, to be honest, I tend to think hard about my lists ALL THE TIME. It takes me hours before I finalize my pick, and at the last minute, more often than not, I will change my mind! #fickleminded #indecisive

Will be back soon for more bookish inducing posts! Stay tuned, fellow book lovers!

P.S. photos are from google




2 thoughts on “Over Caffienated

  1. I so seriously need to finish the Legend trilogy!! Although it’s been soooo long since I started I’m guessing I’ll need to read the first book again. Oops. XD Ahh, but that My Sister Rosa cover is GORGEOUS. Have you seen the UK version we get?! So boring. xD (I did love that book a LOT but I think it could’ve been a little more terrifying.)
    YAYY FOR COFFEE THOUGH! I mean, I don’t actually drink it that much??? But I do like mochas. 😀

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. Hi! I’m so sorry for the late response, I’ve been so busy with events at work. Anyway, YES! My Sister Rosa could use a little more scare and twisted factor! Go for the Legend Trilogy already! 🙂 Let’s ship the lovers together! ❤


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