Top 5 Wednesday:Written Playlist

HELLO, Cabbages!

FINALLY, I am able  to post! I’m so sorry for being MIA, I’ve had 3 events last week, and 1 more for this coming week. We’re almost done with our financial year, so I’ll be able to catch up!

Today is dedicated to Top 5 Wednesday! This is a group in Goodreads , created by Lainey and is now hosted by Sam from Thoughts On Tomes . There are topics you need to complete, by listing down your bookish choices.

This week is Book Theme Songs! If you’ve read & stalked my blog, you’ll find that my first few reviews include a book theme song. I enjoy thinking of songs for the books I read, because it becomes realistic. Now, let’s see my playlist!

Coming in at #5: LAY ME DOWN by Sam Smith


“No words can explain the way I’m missing you”

All The

First thing’s first, I missed the book signing last Sunday (May 29). Okay, moving on from that sadness. After reading this book, when I immediately heard this song by Sam Smith, Violet and Finch came to mind—this is why most of my posts about this book includes this: If only there were 365 more days of Finch. Everything about this song fits the quickened love story of these fated individuals.

Coming in at #4: WHO YOU LOVE by John Mayer


“My girl, she ain’t the one that I saw coming”


This is one of the books that I thought was fast-paced and action packed, just cause a girl was reported missing. BUT to my surprise, it’s a magical-realism kind of story. I did enjoy it, but not much as I would’ve liked. To those who’s read this, you’ll understand why I chose this song. An indie-sounding composition, for this rustic gem.

Coming in at #3: HOW LONG WILL I LOVE YOU by Ellie Goulding


“How long will I love you? As long as the stars are above you; longer if I can”


Many of you know how much I adore everything about Peter Pan! And so I’ve felt differently about this book, I can’t put into words how special it is. The love was overwhelming and the desire was felt all throughout. This song plays in the background as you reach the bitter-sweet ending, and by the last sentence, you will understand why.

Coming in at #2: CHIVALRY IS DEAD by Trevor Wesley


“Girl let a real man pick up the slack and treat you with respect”


I’ve loved contemporary YA since I was young, and this is one of the most realistic I’ve ever read. It felt like I was watching a movie the entire time, just like the saying goes “If we were a movie“; who wouldn’t wish for a guy who treats you like a gentleman and desires everything about you. Listen well to the lyrics, for those who are dating guys who aren’t as rugged as bad boys always are, let this song speak for their heart.

Coming in at #1 (It’s a tie): AN ANGEL WITH A SHOTGUN by The Cab

                                                       IF I LOSE MYSELF by One Republic

“I’ll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe”

“Thought of all the people, places and things I’ve loved”


Best Dystopia ever! This is both brave and weak; this is a documentation that love works both ways. It can either be your strength, or it can be the thing that makes you vulnerable. With June & Day, the soldier and the delinquent, love is imperfect yet fitting.

Hope you enjoyed my playlist! Give them a go, both the books and the songs! If you have other theme songs that go along with some of these titles, please do share them in the comment box. I am very much interested to hear your choices!

Once again, thank you for taking the time to reading my post and visiting my blog. If you like the things I post around this little wordy universe, subscribe away! Until the next post, Cabbages!

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday:Written Playlist

  1. Oooh, this is so great! I’m always on the look out for cool new songs. 😀 I’m loving the Cab one so far. EEEEP. And I adore All the Bright Places *hugs it* Although it totally ruined me. BUT IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. Yeah? Thanks! I’ve always been teased because of my taste in music. I listen to mostly country songs. I’m glad you liked my choices! YES—All The Bright Places! *fangirls for full 60 seconds*


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