Top Ten Tuesday: Reader’s Calendar

Hello, lovely Cabbages!

Welcome, welcome! You have once again, stepped into the light of pure awesomeness! I make it seem like it’s not much of a busy day (’cause I’m a lazy potato), but the truth is I’m just doing a great job at ignoring all the piling work on my desk.

This post is dedicated for the book meme: TOP 10 TUESDAY, hosted by the lovely furry little aliens behind The Broke and the Bookish. It’s this fun activity wherein you have to come up with your own list about the topic for that week; joined mostly by every breathing book-nerd alive!

Abyss Plunge (Main Post)


For this week, it’s: Top 10 Most Anticipated Books for the Remaining Quarter of 2016! 

*You are not required to list 10 items, you may opt to do as many as you can*


Before I begin with my list prepared, I just want to put it out there that I’m one of those who patiently wait until every single one of the books have been released before diving into the series. This makes it easier for me to marathon it. Mmmkay, now that’s out of the way, we move on to my actual post.

5. GEMINI  by Sonya Mukherjee 



If you haven’t yet figured out, I am a HUGE fan of constellations and stars. And though this isn’t about any of that, I am looking forward to this for two more reasons: my astrological sign is indeed gemini and another reason, I am obsessed with twins. This is about conjoined twins, Clara & Hailey who needs to establish their individual identities as they grow older.

4. NEVERNIGHT by Jay Kristoff



I am not going to lie, judge all you want, but we are all the same when your impulse kicks in! I WANT THIS (I can’t stress that enough), because 1) That beautifully put together covers for both US & UK versions; and 2) the synopsis is right on point (*read the UK version)!

3. CROOKED KINGDOM by Leigh Bardugo



Well, do I have to explain this one? I mean, come on, who hasn’t been waiting for this one?! Plus, that cover is just downright stunning.

2. MIDNIGHT STAR by Marie Lu

Midnight Star


Legend fans raise your hand (*hyperly raises both hands with a long happy squeal*) So yes, most awaited ’cause FINALLY I will be able to jump on the Young Elites bandwagon! Kudos to Marie Lu for her brilliance.

And here we are, my most apparent disappointment in life…





This has been on hiatus for so long! My impatient nerve had been suppressed for far too long, and I have decided to give up my dream of ever getting my hands on this UNTIL— recently an update has been released, its publish date was now June 10, 2016. So YES. Please please, I’ve been waiting on this since 2014, after I have devoured V is for Virgin and A is for Abstinence.

FotorCreated (3)

Now that’s done. As always, I had a fun time writing my list. I’d like to hear What is your most anticipated book release of 2016? You can leave your answers in the comments below! And if you’ve participated in this week’s topic, let me know down below by typing in the word “CABBAGE”! I’ll be sure to check out your post.

Thanks for all the support and comments, Cabbages! They’re all very much appreciated! If you haven’t followed or subscribed to Written Constellations, please do. And of course, I’d love to be friends with other book-nerds walking around, so leave a comment or a message if you will. Did you notice the changes; how do you find it?

I’ll be back tomorrow for another post! Feeling quite a responsible blogger lately.

Also, I have a new update coming real soon! Stay tuned for that very very interesting and probably life changing (at least for me) matter.

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13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Reader’s Calendar

  1. Ha, paperwork? What paperwork? 🙂

    I agree Crooked Kingdoms should be on everyones ‘waiting for’ list and the cover for Nevernight is awesome! I haven’t read any of Jay Kristoff’s other books though have you? Would you recommend them?

    Also I’m the same and tend to collect a series without starting it (*cough* Throne of Glass), so I’m also waiting for The Midnight Star. I can’t wait to read all of the Young Elite series back to back! What a gorgeous cover, no?!

    I broke my trend with Jamie Baker though, I thought book three was never going to come so I read book one. It’s not as brilliant as V is for Virgin but its still pretty good. (Is A is for Abstinence a sequel? I thought V was a stand alone? Oh well) I hope you enjoy the series. 🙂

    Happy Reading
    Rachel @


    1. And I believe it is on everyone’s list! 🙂
      I haven’t read any Jay Kristoff novel yet, but I think I’ll start with Nevernight! I just have to get my hands on that!

      Well, we do have book buying problems, which is totally normal when your life constantly involves fictional words and characters. Yes! Midnight Star can’t come soon enough!!! I need to have them all ready when I start TYE cause yaknow, Lu’s got this talent for unbearable cliffhangers! -.-

      A is for Abstinence is the sequel to V is for Virgin! 🙂 It’s the continuation of their story, told in Kyle Hamilton’s perspective. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I really really want Nevernight AND OF COURSE CROOKED KINGDOM. I’m going to re-read Six of Crows really soon because I JUST CAN’T WAIT. AHHHHHH. And then I shall sob because I just totally wish it were a trilogy. I’m not ready to say goodbye after only two books?! What is this cruel world. *shrieks*
    I have SO MANY books I can’t wait for!! Nevernight is on my list too. :’) And I’m also monstrously excited for Heartless and Gemina. 😀 Here’s my TTT! (cabbages!)


    1. I haven’t even started Six of Crows, cause waiting for Crooked Kingdom would be much more unbearable! I shall message you as soon as I have finished them, so we can fangirl and mourn the end of such brilliance. *sobs*

      Yup! As “bookdragons” it is our immortal sin to purchase books that will collect dust among our precious bookshelves as time pass by, and we have yet to devour them. 🙂 Let’s burst with colorful excitement for those lovely books!Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  3. I recently just read The Young Elites, so I’m chomping at the bit to finish the series. I’ll probably buy The Rose Society later this summer so I don’t have to wait long to read The Midnight Star. As a fan of Lu’s Legend series, I think I may prefer The Young Elites more.


    1. I’ve been wanting to buy TYE since Rose Society came out, but I stopped myself and decided to wait for the last book. Lu’s cliffhangers are unbearable so I’d rather have all books ready when I start the trilogy. 🙂 Really? Ooooh. Now, I’m more excited to read it already! I’ll be sure to message you once I’ve read the series, then we can drool over Lu’s brilliance together. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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