Guilty As Charged

HELLO, Cabbages! I’ve skipped two days before putting up a post once again. I need to feign being the responsible employee that we all know I am not.

Anyway, I got the idea or inspiration for today’s post from: “I Messed Up Book Tag”. The very first post of this that I saw came from A Piece of Paradis, but upon back-tracking whom it originated it from, I found out it was by a BookTuber: ReadLikeWildFire. Hopefully I got the information correctly.

FotorCreated (3)

Onward we go, while checking the questions for this tag, I had a hard time racking my tiny gooey brain for answers. I then decided to focus on one question only, the one that stands out (just cause I have multiple answers for it). I’d like to share my favorite:



There are just things that we can’t resist. Even if it’s something that greatly irritates us to death, to the extent that makes us roll our eyes 360 degrees, we can’t deny the fact that some of these we secretly enjoy. Maybe it’s the feels, or probably the underlying hope that someday it will happen to us. It’s that idea we created in our over-imaginative brain of how life or situations should be.

You may or may not agree with the paragraph above but I voluntarily put it out there that I am one of those gullible, sappy-gooey (What is that word), individuals who falls and drown in feels over these fictional and predictable plots. If you are too, and obviously you’re reading this, then please know YOU ARE NOT ALONE (dramatic effect, cause really I’m sure most people in the book community share the same sentiments–*pokes* gotcha. I know your secret, I can see deep down your soul, you’re as guilty as everybody else. *insert evil laugh here*)


1.) Bad Boy/Bad Girl turned good after meeting the main character

Eg. V is for Virgin/A is for Abstinence 

  • Seriously, this is just so overused (and sometimes too predictable) in YA novels, that just a snippet of the synopsis you already know what’s about to go down. We can also include the idea of having your own “hero”/prince charming in a shiny volvo (cause not every book you read is a fantasy that involves awesome white flying horses) who “saved” you or pulled you out of that sad state you were stuck in. BUT daaamn! I know, you secretly wish that one of these days, a person’s life will change for the better because of your importance in theirs. I personally think this is because we all want to know we matter for something.

2. Main character is brokenhearted at the start, then decided to either take a vacation on some undiscovered town, or to take a summer job, hoping to move on. Both of which, is where he/she will meet her next love interest and surprisingly one true destiny after all in a span of weeks (days or hours even).

Eg. Getting Over Garret Delaney

  • WHY?! Why is it easily portrayed that a person can get over a heartbreak in a few days, or by riding off to some place with fresh air and nice people? Another one about this that’s so bothering is that he/she has a 101% chance of falling in love with the town’s heartthrob or hero or just downright a popular person. AT THE SAME TIME, this is loved by many (by me) due to the simple remedy prescribed by our lovely genius authors–that there’s always a rainbow after the rain. In life, we make a few wrong turns (bad choice and decisions) before finally ending up with a worthy one.

3. Where the main character goes unnoticed at first, but after a chance-encounter, their crush for “x” years finally starts to notice them. 

Eg. Cinderella Sidelined, Isla and the Happily Everafter

  • Oh yeah, cause you know, instalove is nothing like any other.  Of course, authors have a way of being sadistic individuals so what they do is they throw in another interesting character who will now open new horizons for our protagonist, therefore dividing the audience on which team will they root for. #TeamX It’s both bitter and sweet, it’s something that’s hard to resist and highly addicting. Addition to that: when you think he/she is about to end up with the certain person that’s when BOOM–mind blowing plot twist, which in the end is not as surprising anymore.

Lastly… (and my most favorite out of all 4 choices, if I do say so myself)

4. Two strangers (who were actually destined to meet and fall hopelessly in love with each other because, well DUH, that’s what the author said) get a chance encounter for whatever reason, and spend an entire day/night going on an unexpected adventure. 

Eg. Graffiti Moon,  & Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist 

  • Throw me anything similar to these two, where the setting is an entire night of pure awesome ass-kicking adventure and I’ll go crazy madly in love over that book! I personally love this, not for the fact of instalove but because they show how one chance-encounter with a complete strange or how sometimes all we need is a night out of our comfort zones to find ourselves.



All done, Cabbages! It’s okay if you don’t share the same opinions as I do, I am a strong believer of free will! Maybe some of those are presented with my petty reasons but it’s quite fitting isn’t it? It’s called GUILTY PLEASURES for that matter. Also, the mere fact that we read YA novels (fiction ones, of course), means we cannot really expect 100% realistic happenings. So even if most of these gets on our nerves, we learn to love it and crave for it as time goes on; we get accustomed to what fiction is about which is made up stories.

I’d like to hear from all of you, What book contains the element of your guilty pleasure? Leave your answer on the comment box below.

Until my next post, Cabbages! Stay tuned for more bookish entries. If you liked my blog, please don’t forget to follow/subscribe to get updates on Written Constellations. Click on the other things you see around there to get directed to a whole new dimension (other social media sites). I hope to talk to you all, don’t be shy and drop me a message below.

This is me wishing you all a book-productive weekend! Keep calm, and Nerd On, Cabbages!

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One thought on “Guilty As Charged

  1. I’m not really guilty about any of my bookish reading pleasures. hahaah. XD I mean, I DO love #3 when it’s done super well. Like not when it’s insta-lovey, but just when they finally realise THEY’RE DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER N’AWWWWW. *ships them. :’)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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