Top 10 Tuesday: Spuds’ Reveal

HELLO, Cabbages!

How have you all been? I trust that your week’s started out well.

I am such a busy bee (nahhh, not really, just lazy), that I haven’t posted anything since last Wednesday in Written Constellations.

Just to catch up real quick, I’ve recently received the Liebster Award, and you can see my post about it here.

FotorCreated (3)

Moving on to today’s post, this is dedicated to TOP 10 TUESDAY!

If you haven’t heard of this, it’s a weekly bookish meme happening every Tuesday of the month. It’s started by The Broke and Bookish. Just click on the link, and you can find your way around their blog, wherein you will see the future topics for Top 10 Tuesdays.

With that being said, for today, bloggers are encouraged to share or post Top 10 Facts About Yourself (whether bookish or in general).


  1. My favorite make-up item is a mascara (mind you, I almost never apply make-up)
  2. I am extremely terrified of balloons
  3. I prefer candies over chocolates
  4. I don’t celebrate Valentines Day
  5. I am from a family of Born-Again Christian; one of my grandfathers is a Bishop, and one of my uncles is a Pastor


  1. I prefer buying my books in Paperback format
  2. First book I’ve ever read is Junie B. Jones
  3. I worked at a local bookstore for 4 months
  4. I almost always carry a book with me whenever I’m going out of the house (like 90% of the time)
  5. My dear grandmother made me my very own book bag (book holder–dunno how you want to call it)

This was quite an easy post, didn’t have to give it much thought cause duh, I basically know myself. LOL. Plus, it wasn’t such a hassle to sneak in a post while at work cause it’s a quick write.

So, I’d love to know more about you!!! Leave me one fact about yourself in the comment section below, and let’s get to know each other a tiny bit more! Oh, and do link your Top 10 Tuesday post as well.

Thanks so much for all the love and support you give to Written Constellations! I really appreciate it! If you haven’t subscribed or followed me yet, please do. Leave me messages or comments if you must, I mean, I certainly wouldn’t want my posts to be lonely. Until my next post, Cabbages!

Rainbows and Mushrooms, with Sparkles…



5 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Spuds’ Reveal

    1. IKR. 🙂
      I think the middle grade/intermediate books nowadays are wayyy different from our batch, I suppose. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I’ll be sure to check out your post!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re lighter to carry around, but to read from, I’m very OC with my books. 😦 I don’t like getting creases and book bridges on its spine, so I am super extra careful with my paperback copies. 🙂


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