Top 5 Wednesday: Write Another One

Greetings, dearest CABBAGES!

Wow, consecutive posts in 1 week, that’s impressive! — I mean, if we’re basing it from my track record of blogging, this is a surprise!

I just got back from an event, and I am currently typing this while my boss is out for a meeting and Spuds (aka ME) has all the liberty to procrastinate. Picture this in your awesome, brilliant, bookish, creative head: short-haired, hipster radiation glasses wearing, watermelon candy eating, petite girl. Oh please! Ignore that, it really makes no sense to include such in my post. Well, it does if you’re trying to figure out that the person behind Written Constellations is in fact, really a breathing human being and not a system generated robot. LOL.

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Enough of that unimportant update about me. Before I move on to my official post for today, I’d just like to inform everyone that I will soon be changing my “rating” symbol. For the past few months since I’ve revamped Written Constellations, I’ve downloaded pictures from Google (cause I’m not magically capable of using Photoshop well), and it irks me now that it isn’t appealing nor original for that matter. My boyfriend, took mercy on me and decided he’ll design one for me, which earned him a sushi hug (something we came up with, cause #weird) from me. So, this means Written Constellations will be getting a slight make-over in the next 2 weeks. Do stay tuned for those!

Abyss Plunge (Main Post)

As you would have guessed, cause you’re brilliant Cabbages, this post is dedicated for TOP 5 WEDNESDAY! I’m sure you’ve heard of it; it’s got a group page in Goodreads, wherein topics for each Wednesday of the month is listed.


A bit of a struggle on my part though, I don’t particularly enjoy series that much. I almost always prefer a stand-alone. Now, I chose 5 books that I think qualifies under this, but I’m a bit unsure if I want them to have sequels or to just have a few more hundred pages. Sorry, you have got quite an indecisive writer here. Nonetheless, let’s move on to my picks!

5. 5517759A MATCHMADE IN HIGH SCHOOL by Kristin Walker

This is one of the first books I’ve read when I got my first ever Android phone. It’s a cute story about a class of high school who were paired with each other, and was given the task of a year-long marriage education, to make them understand the difficulties in starting a family. Meaning, they’re to draft budget for their miscellaneous expenses, food, etc. It’s typical contemporary YA, with the high school dramatics, but it’s definitely a fun, and light read! For this one, I don’t think I would need a sequel; just a couple of pages more.

4. GETTING OVER GARRETT DELANEY by Abby McDonald12154294

I read this on my last semester of college, cause I needed something light to cheer me up. This is, by the title suggests, uses another mainstream contemporary trope wherein the protagonists struggle to move on from his/her initial love interest. I love Saidie! And I think I’d like to see more of her in another book but with a different plot, so a sequel might be good for this one.

182728353. THE BOY WHO LOVED ME by Dusti Bowling

I’m sad about this book, it’s not as good as people would have liked and I agree with them. It’s a so-so book for me. Apparently, this is one of the novels I’ve looked for in every format possible. I don’t know why, when I first read the synopsis, it just pulled me in. Premise wise? This is a 2/5, it’s plain and boring and DEFINITELY predictable. But I know this can be made better, if only there’s a sequel, which can be written with a deeper and more complicated setting. Dear Author, Ms. Dusti, kindly write a second book. I believe in what The Boy Who Loved Me can be.

2. THE BOYFRIEND LEAGUE by Rachel Hawthorne403129

I think most YA contemporary obsessed readers like me will agree when I say that Ms. Rachel Hawthorne is probably one of those who writes the cutest, fluffiest contemporaries ever! I don’t know what else to say about this, except that it involves cute guys and sports! Sequel? DEFINITELY. *nods head repeatedly* I want to see what’s going to happen to Dani when she goes to college. Will she do baseball? Will she still feel the same about Jason? So many questions. Anywayyy, cute summer read, this book is!

Shrinking1. SHRINKING VIOLET by Danielle Joseph

We’ve come to my top pick for this week’s T5W! Since when I was in high school, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a radio dj. One of my hobbies then was listening to radio stations while I’m reviewing for exams, or writing down my requirements for Labor Law class. Safe to say, I was OBSESSED. But of course, I’ve had doubts about my capabilities in becoming a radio jock, cause I’ve always been worried on how I sound on the phone. Friends of course supported my dream, and asked me to record our video narrations. Then I worked in a bookstore as customer assistance, taking call inquiries, and I’ve been told how nice I sound (not to brag, btw); and I think it’s time to make my dreams come true, on of these days. Mark my words, Cabbages. Anywayyy, this book deserves a sequel ’cause you don’t see this kind of scenario a lot. Suggestion? I think the 2nd book can be about Teresa running an advice segment in SLAM.

FotorCreated (3)

There you have it! A list of books that I think deserves (or just cause I feel like demanding one) a sequel. I hope you enjoyed reading! I’d love to hear from you, why don’t you leave me 1 choice of book you think must have a sequel,  down in the comments section below.

Thank you for all the love you’ve given Written Constellations! Let’s allow our vegetable garden, cabbage family, grow larger! Spread the word, Cabbages! If you’re reading this, as you accidentally stumble upon a haven of awesomeness, please do hit follow or subscribe via email—just go click buttons there by the sidebar.


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Write Another One

  1. omg I don’t even recognise any of these books! SHAME ON ME. XD But usually I do like when books are standalones because I feel like they’re very rare and I looooove them so much omg. ❤ BUT. I will happily volunteer The Scorpio Races for a sequel because fajdkaslfd that book is just amazing and I wasn't ready to say goodbye! I JUST WASN'T. hehe

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


  2. Thanks for so many new contemporary recommendations! Would love to try these books!
    One of my picks is Eleanor and Park


    1. Yeah, definitely! You should give it a go! 🙂 Oooooh. Eleanor and Park is something I haven’t read yet. The only Rainbow Rowell book I have is Fangirl, and I haven’t even finished it yet. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by at Written Constellations! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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