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Hi, Cabbages!

First off, A BUNCH OF THANKS to all the new addition to our vegetable farm! Keep spreading the love, Cabbages! I’m grateful for all of you who take the time in reading Written Consetllations, and to those who leave me comments, you’re all wonderful people for doing so!

Planet A (General Bookish Update)

In celebration of the growing readers of Written Constellations, I’ve decided to come up with my own weekly book meme, but it’s still currently under construction. If my lazy nerves don’t kick in, it will be up and running by Monday of next week! Hope you’re all excited to participate in something new, as much excitement that I had while planning it.

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Wondering what you’re getting with today’s post? That’s not hard to guess, is it…

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Top Ten Tuesday (aka TTT) is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This is a weekly book meme, wherein a participant must come up with a 10 or less item list pertaining to the topic.


The books I’ve listed on here are the ones currently reserved for me at our local bookstore (well, at least some of them). If I’m being completely transparent, I have like 13 titles of books reserved under my name, and they accumulate more whenever I go shopping. #guiltybookhoarder

5. AUTUMN’S KISS by Bella Thorne

22638095I’ve been a huge fan of Bella Thorne since I saw her in the movie, Blended, which I loved so much, I repeated it 6 times that week.

This is the second installment to her series; I didn’t know anything about the story. I bought it simply because she wrote it. #fangirl

The first book, Autumn Falls, was funny but it wasn’t as mature as other YA novels. It can even pass as a middle-grade book. It’s about a girl whose father died, and left a magical-wish granting journal behind.

4. THE SIN EATER’S DAUGHTER by Melinda Salisbury

21936988I first came across this book while I was watching several booktube channels. Honestly, I’ve been a reader since I was like 6 years old, but I’ve never been acquainted with such groups of people. I only discovered them April of 2015. And thanks to them, I was inspired to share my thoughts about the hobby of reading.

This book’s got mixed reviews, some like it and some don’t. I do like the premise of it, a girl whose touch can easily kill, she’s a lethal weapon in their land. That’s how I remember it, I’m quite lazy in researching for the book’s synopsis, I’m just going with the reason why I reserved it in the first place.

3. IT’S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY by Nez Vizzini

Funny_Story_frontI know most of you are surprised I mentioned this on here, I mean, it’s been out for what, almost 8 years now? Anyway, I’ve always seen it around back when I was still working at a bookstore, and no matter how many times I say I’ll buy it, I just end up picking another book.

But if ever I’m going to be handed a gift card right this second (which I badly need, to be very honest), this will be one of my first purchase!

I have a thing for sad books. This is one of them; it’s about a kid who’s suffering a mental illness/emotional illness and ended up connecting with two people in the institution he’s stayed in. I love how different people find solace among themselves, and settle on their own quiet place here on Earth.

2. FRANNIE AND TRU by Karen Hattrup

23587107I saw this at a bookstore near where I work one night while I was waiting for my friend. The cover first sold it to me (I’m a sucker for anything black and white), and then the synopsis too. Although I must admit this is quite a complicated book, or it just so happen that the book doesn’t give too much of the premise away.

This book actually reminds me of Wasteland, which was recommended by my college friend. It was such an emotional and poetic book; which Frannie and Tru, gives the same vibe.


25063781I adore all Stephanie Perkins books! They’re fluffy, and sweet and just downright romantic. Though I rarely read novels that are a bundle of short stories, My True Love Gave To Me was an exemption.

A funny story (just to keep this post long and somewhat interesting) as to how I got to purchasing My True Love Gave To Me, last December 2015. I was working at the bookstore, assisting a customer, when the shop floor manager of the Children’s/YA section started fixing all the new shipped books on the display table. I squealed and jumped, catching everybody’s attention when I picked up a paperback copy of the book. Mind you, the customer I was assisting was a SUPER cute guy, and he looked at me weirdly, smiling like the rainbow bursting into rays of majestic colors (that’s one hell of a description).

Anywayyy, I want this book because I personally love SUMMER over anything else. But thinking about it, I also like rainy season, —so to put it, I love both seasons that my country has. LOL!

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That’s about it, Cabbages! So, will someone be kind enough to hand me a fully loaded gift card today? I’d be happy to accept such a generous gift!

What book are you eyeing to own for a long time now?

Leave your answers to the question above on the comments. I’d love to hear from all of you, so you can also just leave me messages–random things we can talk about.

You know the drill, click subscribe via email or just follow my blog by clicking the buttons on the sidebar to immerse yourself in a galactic awesomeness at Written Constellations! I shall be back tomorrow with a new post, and watch out for the upcoming additions & changes within the next few days! Stay tuned, Cabbages!


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    1. I definitely agree! 🙂 It feels like my TBR pile just keeps on growing, and soon it will devour me whole. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Written Constellations! 🙂


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