Writers, You Owe Me One More

HELLO, Cabbages!

As you may have noticed, today’s post has a very long title, to be honest I spent a good 5-minutes on it. There were many words and letters who were not fortunate enough to survive the deadly backspace button.  I want to cover today’s topic with glory and SHOUT OUT to some important people.

You know, I’m not sure how many people are the same as I am when it comes to reading and books. I personally suffer extreme reading slumps— 1) Neglect/Put aside reading or finishing a book due to other activities, 2) I just don’t feel like reading,  3) Halfway through the book, I’ve lost interest and 4) I shopped or heard, or found a new book that caught my attention, snatching it away from the original book I am currently reading.

So if you’re following me on Goodreads (which I doubt that you do, cause I don’t fully advertise it on here), you’ll see that I am way behind my reading challenge for this year. And mind you, this is the first time I’ve ever decided on taking an organized way of devouring books. The reasons I’ve stated above takes a big part as to why I most of the time don’t do reading challenges (ex. read a book with a rainbow colored spine).

But despite all these, when I develop a certain liking or interest with a book or an author, I can’t stop obsessing over them. The feeling is like I want to LOVE every book they’ve ever written, but because authors are human beings as well, I accept the possibility that I may not like every novel they’ve published. Doesn’t mean though that I don’t want new works from them, because I DO!


Luckily, we get the chance to wildly talk  and please (somehow demand) number of authors and writers for a new work. Thanks to the creator of Top 5 Wednesday, Lainey and to the current host, Sam from Thoughts on Tomes, for coming up with these awesome weekly meme!


Please note that some of my choices on here have incomplete series, meaning they’re currently in the middle of finishing/starting a book already, or they’ve written numerous ones but have gone MIA since.

Dearest lovely YA authors, I hope to read more of your works soon! Much love, Spuds.



49750I honestly can’t gauge my thoughts and feelings towards this author and his written works. I enjoyed a few: Looking For Alaska and Paper Towns; but I didn’t find The Fault In Our Stars as emotionally beautiful as the other two. I haven’t read all of his works, a copy of Will Grayson Will Grayson sits on my bookshelf (probably accumulating dust) untouched, for quite some time now; and I have not found the interest to read Let It Snow. The thing I like about him is that, he doesn’t write in series–partly because I think contemporary novels rarely need to be in a trilogyI LOVE STAND-ALONE books, if I haven’t stressed that enough yet.

I know a lot of people have issues with his writing style and his character profiles, some points, I do agree but it doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading his books. Once in a while, I wouldn’t mind finding a new John Green novel on a bookstore’s display window. He was in hype after The Fault In Our Stars sold millions of copies + the production of a movie adaptation; then he slowly fell off the radar. Hopefully he’ll pick up where he left off and start on a new tear-inducing novel.


school-for-good-and-evil-book-coverWhenever I fall in love or take interest in a series, I like them complete so I can binge-read/marathon it. In a previous post, I’ve shared the history as to why I bought his debut middle-grade trilogy The School for Good and Evil, which by the way I just finished the first book this Monday. I know I have yet to post the review. #lazySpuds

I started on the second book just this morning when I was sitting in traffic on my way to work. Obviously you’d say, why is she wishing for a new book from him when she hasn’t finished the entire series yet? Well, yes, you are absolutely correct. But obsession took over me and I “enrolled” in his School for Good and Evil dedicated website, from which I found out that he’s writing a 4th book to complete the series; though I’m not sure I’m happy about that fact, but I would like a new book from him with a whole different world and plot. #variety Anywho, kudos to this young author for writing such a successful debut novel.



a5a96790-2daf-0133-4745-0a2ca390b447The novel, I’ll Give You the Sun, blew me away. It was emotionally beautiful and inspiring. He’s one of my go-to authors when I want a sad book (I know I’m weird for wanting such theme and vibe from a book but oh well, we all have our peculiar ways). I love everything about it, but then his other novel is awaiting final judgment because I haven’t finished it yet after getting annoyed with its main character. I’m not sure which novel of his do people like more, because normally, I don’t do research on the books I want to read or are reading. I do read non-spoiler reviews just to see what emotions and insights I can look forward to, but I don’t necessarily base my ratings on those.

Then again, this is my blog and I’m an independent girl who reads or do anything she wants with little influence from other people, I’d want a new book from him that might magically or miraculously make the transition from the emotional attachment I’ve had with I’ll Give You the Sun to The Sky is Everywhere easier and smoother.


Legend_Marie_Lu_Book_coverNeed I say more?

Hunger Games was my favorite YA Dystopian, not even Divergent can bump it off from its throne. But all that changed when I found out about Legend Trilogy and immediately fell head over heels in love with it! Quick throwback (cause I’m sure no one would want to scroll all the way down to my first few posts–which included a poorly written review on this trilogy), I came to reading this butt-kicking YA novel as I was searching for quotes in Goodreads. That right there was the exact quote that hooked me. And of course, the ending was such a pleasant thing to read. It was emotional even if it were only a few words.

You drive me insane June. You’re the scariest, most clever, bravest person I know, and sometimes I can’t catch my breath because I’m trying so hard to keep up. There will never be another like you. You realize that, don’t you? Billions of people will come and go in this world, but there will never be another like you.

I haven’t bought The Young Elites (#guilty), simply because I want the last book to come out already so I can purchase all three and devour in the emotional richness of Marie Lu’s poetic words. Seriously, we [I] need more of her brilliance and beautiful writing.


9780062003256This author right here, if you haven’t heard of her yet, you’re missing 3/4th’s of your life (that’s an over statement). She’s one of my ultimate heroes in life, especially when she spun Tiger Lily into perfection. It’s a novel that’s found a special place in my heart [and on my shelf]. And cause I don’t care even if I sound like a recorded message, I am obsessed with anything Peter Pan related; Anderson gave me such treasure when she decided to narrate the story of this non-aging magical boy’s first love.

Anderson, wrote a lot of books prior to Tiger Lily but I haven’t found copies of her other works in our local bookstores; but I’m sure if I were to read them, even though they’re not Peter Pan related, I’d still like them. I think this is the right time to admit that I am a sucker for poetic phrases, and figures of speech–throw ’em all in and I’ll shed tears. But I think I’m just a deeply emotional reader; this is due to the fact that I mostly relate my life story to (almost) everything I read.


FotorCreated (3)

Wow, that’s quite a long post. I just have a lot of feelings towards authors and the love for writing. I am personally an aspiring novelist, I do have a few writing backgrounds but I haven’t stumbled upon any job related to it. Before I graduated college, I didn’t know if I want to earn money from writing, I was afraid I wouldn’t love it the same way I do now, if I start earning cash because of it. I know writers struggle from mind-block, and  that there’s a lot of pressure on them [from editors, publishers and even from readers]; but the amazing thing about writing is when you finally catch that creative breakthrough, everything will fall into place–allowing you to produce beautifully constructed pieces.

I’m not the best adviser nor am I a professional writer, but I’ll share to you a mantra I say to myself every day– “Keep the fire burning; ignite the passion to write about peculiar creatures, magical worlds and dashing heroes & righteous heroines”


Once again, thank you for the continuous support of Written Constellations. As of yesterday, our Vegetable Garden has grown to 39 wonderful Cabbages! If you haven’t subscribed yet, please make sure you do. I’ll make sure you enjoy your stay here. So just hit the follow button by sidebar, and you’ll find yourself transported to a world of literary constellations.

I still owe you all two (2) more posts: 1 book review and the other… a surprise. Stay tuned! Do leave me book recommendations, perhaps your favorite YA novel?


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