A Lucky Guess #3

Hello, hello Cabbages!

First things first, brace yourselvesWritten Constellations has reached…can you take a guess? 44 CABBAGES! Such a lovely vegetable farm we have here, and I would like to thank each and everyone of you who takes the time to stop by and read my [semi-poorly written] posts! I’m more motivated than ever, and I’ll work hard to ensure interesting reads for your continuous visits.

Today’s one of the rare posts you’ll stumble upon here, only once a month and posted on the 2nd Thursday of each month. When I First Saw You was created by Sophie from Sailing Through Books  and is co-hosted by Izel from A Bookish Flower.

If you find this interesting, which it actually is because it keeps your imagination and creativity going, all you have to do is choose one of the 4 featured covers on Sophie’s blog. Come up with your own synopsis based on the picture, then on your post, include the original synopsis provided by the author of the book. It’s super simple and it’s definitely fun!

For this week, I chose…

25064648 (1)

Spuds’ attempt on the synopsis…

In a time when Kings and Queens decide who dies and who lives, when princes train for jousting tournaments and princesses are hustled to classes that will teach them royalty etiquette—a young girl quietly accompany her father across the castle moat.

At precisely 5 o’clock in the morning, Adalin helps her mother prepare their first meal of the day; as her two older brothers polish their weapons, getting ready for a day’s hunt in the forest. Later in the day, she and her father goes to the King’s study—he is the most trusted advisor. Their generation has been with the royal family since the ancient times, for they hold a gift so powerful that even the wisest of men fear their knowledge. Only one per generation is granted the privilege to foresee the future; until a prophecy has been told to her great-grandfather, about a seer who poses a threat to the nation’s future. It was said that beyond the ability to foresee what is yet to be written, a rare gift is bestowed upon the chosen child, who will be called the reader. A seer catches glimpses of events that will happen but the reader knows exactly what the future holds for every person.

At a young age, Adalin’s father saw the signs—she is bound to tip the balance between the present and the future. He disguised her in mediocrity, but soon the truth will be revealed as the reader forms an unbreakable bond with the heir of a ruthless ruler.

The ACTUAL SYNOPSIS [source: Goodreads]

Sefia knows what it means to survive. After her father is brutally murdered, she flees into the wilderness with her aunt Nin, who teaches her to hunt, track, and steal. But when Nin is kidnapped, leaving Sefia completely alone, none of her survival skills can help her discover where Nin’s been taken, or if she’s even alive. The only clue to both her aunt’s disappearance and her father’s murder is the odd rectangular object her father left behind, an object she comes to realize is a book—a marvelous item unheard of in her otherwise illiterate society. With the help of this book, and the aid of a mysterious stranger with dark secrets of his own, Sefia sets out to rescue her aunt and find out what really happened the day her father was killed—and punish the people responsible.

FotorCreated (3)

I really thought I’d be guessing this one correctly. Cover is once again misleading! It looks ancient, however will I guess that this was actually about an illiterate girl on the run in the woods. But hey, isn’t that the purpose if this activity anyway? So…good job, Spuds! *pats shoulder* PLUS, I got the father and daughter correctly so that’s close enough (Loljk!). * insert Spuds’ happy dance*

I’m interested to see your own attempt on this month’s When I First Saw You so please do leave me the link to your post. I know I’m a horrible person for not posting up the review I’ve bluntly promised, but it shall be up within today (?) or before the end of the week. Nonetheless, keep up the hype on Written Constellations, and spread the love to other cabbages!



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