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Since it’s been taking me so long to post my book review about The School for Good and Evil, and because it’s a trilogy anyway, I’ve decided to just do a full review of the 3 books in one post (excuses, excuses–I just can’t find the right time to ponder on my thoughts).

Today, I’m back with our usual post on an awesome Tuesday…

 FotorCreated (1)

This is a weekly book meme created by Broke and the Bookish, wherein you’re asked to come up with your own list of Top 10 that answers the topic. You can head over to the official blog to view the topics.


→ Now that’s a little too broad, but I’m a contemporary reader so you don’t really get much unique settings in contemporary. One of the most popular settings would be during summer time in the beach and in a high school. To put a little twist, and personal points on this, I’ve decided to cover…


So basically, this is just contemporary YA books that highly involves Sports. I personally love playing sports, and I was pretty active back in high school. And surprisingly, I just found out a few minutes ago when I was forming my list, that I have not read more than 10 contemporaries that talks about sports. Safe to say, I was too shocked by that, seeing how much I love those kinds of books–guess the world haven’t produced enough Sports themed books for me to devour.


5. THE BAD BOY, CUPID AND ME by Hasti Williams

Bad BoyYou may or may not have heard of this one, and that’s okay. It’s actually a Wattpad story that I read last year (2015). The author goes by the screen name: Slim_Shady, in case you decide to read the story and search for her.

The story involves a bad boy and a hard-working diligent girl (I mean, isn’t that always the case?), who had strong attraction towards each other after an encounter one night. The situations presented in the story are somehow unrealistic, but what’s interesting about it is how it was written. The words were rich, and simple that you get sucked into the story right from the start.

Sport Featured: Boxing

4. SHUT OUT by Kody Keplinger

shut outYou know, with contemporaries, you rarely get something unique. This story focuses on two high school varsity teams: Football Team & Soccer Team; and how they bully each other with pranks. Shut Out, is about the girls’ (cheerleaders) decision to stop having sex with their boyfriends who were varsity jocks until the “rival” ends.

And that’s a bit bothering for me. I am a feminist, and I respect both genders. I strive for gender equality, not just for the advantage of women. I think there’s a wrong representation here when the “sex” was used as a reward or condition for a deed. The new generation has their own way of doing things, and one of them are engaging in meaningless sex. But despite this issue, I love this book a lot. It has managed to be quirky and I got what I wanted out of it, which is a lot of Sports talk!

Sports Featured: Football, Soccer and Cheerleading



22035841This has been one of my most featured books on Written Constellations, if you’ve been visiting long enough.

Though the plot of this has been said and done before (and in so many YA contemporaries), this book is one of my all-time favorite! It’s about a star Volleyball player who got injured, and during the duration of recovery, she’s found a new love for Theater Arts. I loved how nerdy and classic the love interest in Cinderella Sidelined (I have a thing for preppy looking boys, ‘kay?).

Sport Featured: Volleyball

2. TROY HIGH by Shana Norris

It is her face that launched a thousand of ships.

Troy HighIf you’re familiar with Iliad, you’d definitely want to check it out its modern YA adaptation! Iliad, is about Troy and one of the greatest warrior, Achilles. However, this book was focused on the adaptation of the Fall of Troy due to Helen fleeing with Prince Paris.

I’ve read this back during the summer before my third year in college, so please do forgive me, my memory’s a bit foggy. They staged the story with two rival football teams from different schools of the same state fighting over a cheerleader who used to date the other team’s captain before she switched high school. I’ve always loved the story of Troy, everything about it just fascinates me–betrayal and the unbreakable bond between brothers. Seeing Iliad with a mix of sports in the modern world is just SUPERB.

Sports Featured: Football and Cheerleading


1. HOW (NOT) TO FIND A BOYFRIEND by Allyson Valentine

How Not To FindAnd the book who’s claimed this week’s throne of Top 10 Tuesday is How (Not) to Find a Boyfriend. It’s such a cute, fluffy read that highly talks about Chess.

I think all chess lovers [meaning me], consider Chess as a sport. Just a quiet one, a battle between brains–to see who is the king of all brutal strategic moves and discreet traps within 68 pieces of squares. Obviously, I LOVED this book! I couldn’t stop obsessing about it for a month after reading it.

Again, I’ve read this back in 2013 [?], so memory is foggy. It’s about a girl who’s got an incredible talent for chess–a prodigy if you may, developed an attraction with a new kid in school. But she’s changed her entire image into a social butterfly, a cheerleader captain; and when the time came, she summoned her inner nerdy diva to save her.

Sport Featured: Chess

FotorCreated (3)

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Top 10 Tuesday feature! I’d love to hear your thoughts about it, and of course, any message from a Cabbage is definitely worth reading!


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