#ReadThemAllThon TBR Update


Well, hello, lovely healthy Cabbages! I’m sure you’ve seen 2 of my new posts, yup! Apparently, I hatched an evil plan to flood your feeds. *insert evil laugh here* Loljk! Seriously, I was feeling down since this read-a-thon started, because I wasn’t getting anywhere. BUT! I come bearing awesome update/s and news for you all!

Just to remind you all, I have mentioned before that I always tend to move in a different path/direction in terms of the books I read. Meaning, the titles listed for the challenges in this read-a-thon, can be replaced by another book that fits the category [that is exactly what happened, SURPRISE].

FotorCreated (1)

→ I have recently finished See You at Harry’s which earned me the Cascade Badge with the challenge of reading a book that might make you cry [which it did, please read my review]. This has 310 pages+31 CP.  I posted my review of it awhile ago, giving me an additional of +20 CP. Good job, Spuds! *taps shoulder*

→ I also flew through Milk and Honey which featured diversity. There were evidences among the pieces that described women to be of a different color, and it was written by a woman who’s of different nationality. YES, I consider this applicable for a Rainbow Badge. I also posted a review of that, a few hours ago–earning me +20 CP. This consists of 204 pages = +20 CP

Total breakdown:

Original CP = 10

See You at Harry’s +31

Completion +20

Review +20

Milk and Honey +20

Completion +20

Review +20

Tweet +2


143 CP for Vulpix!

FotorCreated (3)

YAY! I’m so happy with my progress! I’ll be posting a few updates here and there in the next few days, but do wait for my other weekly memes within the next days!

If you joined, let me know how you’re doing with your progress down below. But I shall keep you motivated! Here’s a little cheer from me, and this little animation I saw going around the internet!

GO LITTLE CABBAGE! YOU CAN FINISH! Conquer it with finesse and a peace of mind.



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