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HELLO, Cabbages!

How’s everyone? Have you seen my previous posts [from yesterday], they’re all updates for #ReadThemAllThon TBR.

Last night, while on my way home from work, I decided to read the almost 2-year sitting ebook copy of The Throne of Glass. At first, I wanted to join the hype, but apparently I have no patience for long series — it’s a 6-book series. My interest with it slowly went downhill, but I still tried yesterday, but to my dismay I just couldn’t get past Chapter 4. I placed a very short explanation in Goodreads as to why I DNF-ed (Did Not Finish) this overly-hyped novel. Safe to say that my apologies go out to all fans of this fantasy series, and to the fans of Sarah J. Maas–I think the world and these characters are just not to my liking.

Anyway, moving on to a lesser sad discussion, I’d like to post the question…

Which unread book has occupied your bookshelf for almost a year now?

You see that’s very fitting for what I’m about to share today! Today’s the time for TOP TEN TUESDAY! That book meme is created by Broke and the Bookish; so if you’re interested in joining, head over to their blog for the topics for each Tuesday of the month.

FotorCreated (1)


→ What you must know about me is that, prior to getting addicted to buying actual books, I’ve had almost 300++ ebooks [which most sit untouched]. If you just made the face that is likely to say this post will take us forever to finish or this post will have a long drop down list and think that you should leave…YOU SHOULD NOT. I will not be talking about all those “neglected” [sadly] books.

Let’s not delay this post any longer…

5. TIGER EYES by Judy Blume


I’ve never read any books from Judy Blume, but I think she’s one of the most known authors for all time. After buying this book, I’ve been compelled to purchase more of her works and I did, Then Again, Maybe I Won’t.  If you haven’t figured out yet, that is also unread. I purchased both last year while I was still working at the bookstore [gave me a humongous discount]. One of these days, I shall get into this, especially because I love sad-themed books.



I impulse-bought this book when I was working at the bookstore. I mean, I think impulse buying is something that people who work in bookstores develop easily [and quickly], due to first-hand caressing of books! I couldn’t say no to that cover, which by the way, I prefer over the original cover. I was a bit dubious about this book at first [back in college], cause I’m not keen on reading same-sex relationships in books–but I was told it’s not actually about that. To anyone who’s read this, please shed some light.

3. THE TRAGEDY PAPER by Elizabeth Laban


This is another funny story, about how I got this book. I don’t remember how I found out about this book, but I remember obsessing about it. I searched for it prior to working at the bookstore, then when I was working there, I forgot all about it. I bought this book from another bookstore, a month after I’ve resigned, and then afterwards my previous co-workers told me we’ve had multiple stocks of the title in the bookstore I worked in. I was like…*mindblown*. I love books that has the same theme as these, star-crossed lovers, secret love affairs–I just love the controversy.



Beautiful book–and definitely strange! I did start out this book after a customer fangirl in front of me in the bookstore, screaming how awesome it is. Too strange that I couldn’t finish it without having a headache, so basically, I put this aside until my mind has been trained with multiple magic realism books [this is one of them, right?]. I love sad books [as I have said so many times], and I get the vibe that this is one of those that will haunt my memory for the rest of my life. I’ll get to this…one day…



Guilty about this cute contemporary, which I searched 3 bookstores in the city where I worked just for a copy. Has anyone read this? I love how it looks like for people who loves math and other geeky stuff — perfect for me! But like I’ve said, the hype for this has died down a bit throughout the months [ehem, years], it’s sat collecting dust on my shelf. One of these days, one of these days…

FotorCreated (3)

Well, that’s it for my Top Ten Tuesday–books I’ve left to accumulate dust on the shelf. To be honest I don’t remember when the anniversary of Written Constellations is, but let’s use the date when I revamped it–March 26, 2016. I’ve had way too many books to share here, but I only chose 5 books that really stood out.

Just a few updates, my application to become and affiliate of Abebooks has been approved! If you’ll notice the banner by the sidebar; if you can be nice enough to give me some love. I’ll be getting a small commission for every transaction you’ll do through that linked banner. They offer multiple discounts on books, and free shipping from time to time! So thank you in advance if you decide to help me out. THANK YOU, CABBAGE.

Link up your posts, and I’ll check them out! I’ve got a question for you at the very start of this post, so just leave your answers and recommendations down on the comment section below. Thank you! I hope to talk to you all soon, I’ll be back soon for a new content!


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