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HELLO, Cabbages!

Alright, first things first—Written Constellations received 60 bookish cabbages! AAAAGGGH! I can’t even think straight when I saw the notifications in my email. A shout out to all the lovely cabbages who took notice of this galactic book blog; A MILLION THANKS! *sending some sparkles your way* Please accept this Filipino’s finest [freshest, not to mention] Strawberry Taho!


I’m having a dilemma. I don’t know what book to read next. I’ve recently finished Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman, and I posted my review yesterday, so go check that out if you’re interested to read my thoughts about it. I gave it an A [3.80 stars]! Honestly, though, I am still looking into finishing the 2nd book in the School for Good and Evil trilogy [pray for the success of this].

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Anyway, today, we’re taking a break on books but we’re not straying too far. Welcome to Written Constellations’ TOP TEN TUESDAY! Originally, this bookish weekly meme was created and being hosted by the lovely ladies from the broke and the bookish. Alright, alright! Let’s get down to business—this week is all about MY FAVORITE TV SHOWS/TV SERIES.

I tend to watch a lot of these ever since I got addicted to America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). Now, I’m stuck with a bunch of back-logs from multiple TV series, but I am finding a way to get through all of them –and I’m quite behind on most popular shows airing recently [Game of Thrones and Stranger Things to be specific]. Of course, like any other normal person, I too have my favorites!

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This is the only “mermaid” related that I don’t get crept out with. If I haven’t mentioned before, I’m way too terrified of mermaids due to an accidental encounter with a creepy under the sea documentation to prove the existence of mermaids.

Alright, so this is a popular “teen-ish/kiddie” TV series in Nickolodeon back in 2007? I don’t remember. It is about three girls who found out that they turn into mermaids when touched by water, equipped with special abilities. It was one of my most enjoyed series until I was 16 years-old [don’t you look at me like that], I’m weird.



I’ve loved mysteries and crimes ever since I was old enough to watch CSI [by old, I meant 13]. I got interested with this because of its uniqueness; I mean come on, solving murder cases through the use of bones?! That requires too much intelligent juice, and I have never been that good with Science and Biology when I was younger.

I’ve fallen behind this because I got way too busy in College, and it required a lot of time investment which I couldn’t afford at the time. I have yet to finish this…is this still on-going?


In second year college, I didn’t know I’d enjoy Literature class as much as I did. I got to read some of the actual Grimm Brothers’ version of Disney’s popular fairytales, and boy, are those gruesome! This TV series though is quite different from what I expected, I deemed it to be telling me the original stories of Grimm Brothers but instead, I got supernatural creatures hiding among humankind and a descendant of Grimm blessed with the ability to see it easily. If you didn’t understand my explanation, the premise is similar to Spiderwick Chronicles, except that the characters are human with “Grimm creature” abilities.



Need I explain more? It’s only the most awesome, most thrilling and most criminally strategic TV series EVER! If you haven’t watched this, where have you been? It’s a bunch of FBI agents who work in the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), and are in charge of tracking down serial killers by observing patterns and acts of violence.



 I love this series with all my heart, this 9-long season live in my mind and heart! I’ve marathon it starting 1st year college, until its last season came out back in 2014 [I think?]. It’s about a group of high school friends whose lives crossed ever since one of the main characters, Lucas Scott, started in the Ravens Basketball Team. From then on, the series continued until they were aged 24-26. One good thing about this is the balance in the variety of focus, ranging from friendship to romantic relationships, to family and to individual growth. Their story is not far from reality, which allowed the audience to feel as if this is happening in their own backyard.

As far as anyone’s concerned, it’s a bundle of goodness wrapped with a red ribbon.

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That’s it for today’s Top Ten Tuesday. Did you participate? Leave a link of your post down below and I’ll be sure to pass by your corner. Don’t be shy to leave me some messages, I’ll be more than happy to get to know each and everyone of you more!

Got a question for you, Cabbage! WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT TV SHOW ADDICTION?


11 thoughts on “Current Fix? TV Shows

  1. I absolutely adore Criminal Minds, though I only watch it whenever I have time/it’s on tv and so the order is all wrong (bc it’s on various chanels at the moment in Hungary), but it’s still SUCH a good show. I love their cases & the way they analize the crime scenes, patters etc. to set up a profile.
    I started to watch Grimm a few years back, but I had to give up on it due to it being on tv when I wasn’t home/was doing sg else, and I never started it again. Maybe one day… though, considering how many tv shows are on my watchlist that seems like a pretty big MAYBE. 🙂

    Awesome post! 🙂

    My TTT

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    1. Yeah, there’s just too many TV series on now that I don’t even know which one to watch first! 😀 I’ll be starting GOT in awhile [like literally in a while] cause too much pressure now that it’s almost about to end. I was supposed to wait until next year for the final season so I can binge watch it.

      Thanks for stopping by Written Constellations! 🙂 Will definitely stop by at your corner!


  2. Grimm was totally not was I was expecting it to be either, especially as I watched the first season around the same time as Once Upon a Time. It took me most of the season to really get into it but then I flew through the next 3 seasons worth.

    I love how Criminal Minds still manages to come up with such great criminals after so many episodes and the dynamics between all the leads is great – I really like how supportive their team is.

    Here’s my TTT this week.

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    1. I haven’t tried Once Upon A Time, is it any good? 🙂

      IKR! I definitely agree that they’re more than just a team, they treat each other as a family! 🙂 I enjoy their inside jokes, like when they’re on the plane or when Dr. Reid is so focused on something and Derek would make a funny remark! LOL! 😀

      Thanks for stopping by Written Constellations! 🙂 Will be sure to check out your post!

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      1. I thought the first couple of seasons of Once Upon A Time were really good and I’d definitely recommend them. Now I’m mostly just watching for the costumes and Disney references but it’s still watchable. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah? COOL! 😀 I never thought I’d prefer something else over CSI, cause back when I was 10, all I knew was CSI. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by Written Constellations! 😀


    1. OMG! 😦 Really? It’s the last season??! I’m totally not updated about all of those series mentioned anymore. 😦

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by Written Constellations! 🙂


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