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We have a lot of things to cover today, I have a few other posts coming up within the day because I’m too lazy [as always] to do any office work. I actually skipped lunch [technically, I just opted to eat late], I’m feeling a bit antisocial today; I’d rather just read And I Darken and explore book blogs or any bookish matters.

So, you’re wondering why you’ve received another notification from me. Well, it’s a Wednesday! And you all know what that means–I mean come on, this is such a regular on here. May I present to you my Top 5 Wednesday for this week…

→ What is Top 5 Wednesday, you may ask? It’s a weekly bookish meme created by Lainey, but is now hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes. You may head over to the group’s Goodreads page to read more about it. Come join the fun, bookish Cabbage!



→ If you’ve seen one of my newest bookish tags, I named a few books I’d love to see adapted into other mediums like TV Series, Movies, Graphic Novel, Theater Play, etc. I love TV series, it keeps me from pulling my hair out of boredom, but I’m terrible in sticking to them. When my character pick starts to go downhill, I will more or less lose interest in the series entirely [eg. Spencer + Toby/Spoby of Pretty Little Liars — I SHIP this so bad, and they had to break them up. Well played.] Anywayyy, I’m ready to share other books that I’d love to see turned into TV series. Shall we?



An action-packed book series, deserve to be adored and fawned over in television! I loved this book, BEST DYSTOPIAN ever! It will be cool if episodes will be alternate of June and Day’s perspective.

This is about June, a Military prodigy and Day, a rebel/wanted criminal; who crossed paths because of June’s older brother’s death. A lot of political matters, features badass combat skills and conspiracy theories.

4. AUTUMN FALLS (Trilogy)

I adore Bella Thorne so much! And I’ll be honest, I only wanted to read her book because I was interested to see how she writes. I liked it, I mean, as far as contemporary novels go, it’s pretty good.

Autumn Falls is actually about Autumn, who found her father’s journal to be making her wishes come true as she writes on it. It’s quirky, and cute–much of what you’d expect in cutesy coming of age series & movies.



If you haven’t heard of this, I’ll probably understand why. It’s a lengthy series, around 13 books if I’m correct. When I bought this, I thought there were only 8 books, and I did “complete” those. Until I found out that Rachel Caine’s wrote 5 more additional books, and because the 8th book [supposedly the finale] was a cliffhanger in the end. I lost interest in it, plus the fact that I outgrew vampires and werewolves.

Morganville Vampire series is about a community/town which houses both Vampires and Humans. They live peacefully as long as the humans donate blood in the blood bank every month. I enjoyed this because it wasn’t focused on a vampire and a human, being star-crossed lovers.


This has been one of the YA books that I did not expect to be good when I first picked it up, but I was hooked after the 2nd chapter. Safe to say that this is one of my most favorite YA novels of all time, in the mystery/thriller genre.

Prep School Confidential is a trilogy, revolving Anne, an Elite girl shipped to attend boarding school. There she stumbled upon 3 mysteries, particularly involving murder. It was super interesting and definitely fast-paced. I’d really love to see this turned into a TV series. I will be waiting until the day that my wish comes true.



There was no way that I could not include this on here! I’ve waited for the movie since it came out way back 2008 [I think], because this was one of my most anticipated middle-grade series–just so happen that I didn’t have enough money to complete all the books. Then around 2012, news of a TV series came out but it didn’t actually aired. FINALLY, Netflix has made an announcement that this will soon break ground in television! My insides are literally jumping up and down, I want the wit of the Baudelaire children in a multi-colored flat screen.

FotorCreated (3)

There you have it, Cabbages! My top 5 books I’d love to be adapted into a TV series. Did you participate in this week’s Top 5 Wednesday? I’m interested to read your posts, so please do leave a link down below. Also, leave me some messages, I’d love to chat with you for a bit.


Once again, I’d like to thank each and everyone of you who take the time to read my posts, and to those who continuously leaves me comments. A hundred million thanks to you, bookish Cabbage who’s reading this.

If it’s not so much of a hassle, please use my link if you’re looking into buying in Book Depository [they offer free shipping worldwide]. Thank you!

*if you’ve gotten this far, leave GIVE ME TWISTED CANDIES down in the comment section below, and let’s leave the rest wondering the meaning of what you said. Thanks, Cabbage!*


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    1. So you’re a fan of it too? 🙂 Have you read The Young Elites? 🙂 I’ll be sure to stop by at your corner.

      Thanks for stopping by Written Constellations! 🙂 Have a bookish day! 🙂


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