Hiatus + Finding Yourself

Hello, Cabbages!

I believe it’s been over a year (?) since I last written a post here but I definitely missed out. However, some of you might still need an explanation and I’ve come prepared. So if you’re still a solid cabbage, please read on…


1. Work

-I’m not sure if most of you will remember or take the time to revisit my old post about getting a new job last November 2016 but that’s the main reason as to why I haven’t been blogging. I am in a marketing and events team, and dealing with a lot of brands and events, it just takes up most of my time. I do read, I just can’t find the time to write down a full-review or any review for that matter because I’m so caught up with making sure everything goes well for my day-job.


2. Inability to Find the Right Words

-I know a lot of people, both booktubers and bloggers, are struggling with this and some might say it’s not a valid reason. But actually, it is very valid and acceptable for me. I’ve been an aspiring writer ever since I was young and not being able to find the appropriate words to express my ideas and emotions is just frustrating. I’ll be honest and tell you all that it really brought my confidence down. I didn’t that other people might be interested with what write and that I’m just an average person playing make-believe that my blog is actually a worthy space. I’ve managed to get some writing in, I was helping my boyfriend for his script and screenplay in one of his projects we mean to submit to Cinemalaya–this is a platform to showcase short films and independent films in a month-long celebration in the Philippines.


3. Identity

-This to be honest is the major reason of my absence. Coming from working at a bookstore and moving to a corporate job with just having 6 members in a team, to actually being placed in a working environment where there are 21 of us who are all very young. I can’t relate to any of them in such a deep level, it’s always been casual talks and it did hurt my ego. Some might say this is shallow, but I’m the kind of person who likes having a stable friend beside me and knowing that I didn’t have any in my job now, really has got me down. I’ve slowly got over that phase and decided to do my own thing, regardless of how many friends I get or have over the course of my stay with the company. Another contributing factor was that I don’t have much bookish friends to discuss with and this has pulled me away from reading, causing me to develop a severe reading slump which lasted for almost 3-4 months.


4. (told you I have come prepared) Magic The Gathering

-I am not sure how many people actually are familiar with MTG (Magic The Gathering) but it’s a card game and it got me hooked for about at least 8 months. Back in my old work, I’ve been going on card hunts and adventures with my boyfriend and his friends. We competed a few times among certain areas in the Philippines. Also, as much as I hate to say this, my money was solely for MTG cards and my basic necessities, that there was no more room for a new book or two. But gladly, this phase is over and we haven’t played for such a long time–meaning, I’ve more reading opportunities.


5. Reading Slump

-This is basic, I don’t have to explain it. This lasted for about 4 months.


6. Weekend Getaways

-Getting a bit personal here, but I’ve been spending a lot of time with my boyfriend the past year, and to be honest we weren’t being productive to our passions and hobbies. Slowly, we are getting there, beinf understandable of each other’s time. Basically, we are just able to manage our time better now. For those of you who are “interested” or “nosy”, my boyfriend and I have been together for a year now. We still see each other every weekend, from time to time, weekdays too, and we just hang-out doing our own stuff (him with his arts–drawing and inking) and me reading. But though he won’t be reading this (I think), I do want to share my love and appreciation for him in this little space I’ve created for myself. He’s been so patient and supportive with all I was going through and I’m entirely grateful for that.

I think that’s about all the reasons I have. It’s really just a struggle of being lost and finding–building a new and improved Spuds. I’m actually thinking of making some changes here but I’m going to focus on getting back on track first. I have a few tags that I wanted to do, and a few reviews but I’m not going to post up a review for the books I’ve finished before coming back to blogging because that might just pull me down again. I don’t want blogging to be a responsibility but more of wanting to make friends online, talk to people with the same interest as me and to share my thoughts and ideas about the books I read.

I just need everyone to bear with me because I rarely use my laptop anymore because I find it such a hassle to set-up in my room. If you haven’t noticed I’m a very a lazy person. I know that’s so unnatural for someone to don’t use a laptop, but I’m actually more comfortable just using my phone.

Currently I’m reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. I used to read a lot of adult books because back then my mom was the only one who owns books, and because I am an avid reader, I would just accompany myself with a Sydney Sheldon or Danielle Steel novel. When I started working, I acquired so many YA books thar I haven’t read and have the space for in my bookshelf; then recently I’ve received recommendations to read Kevin Kwan’s trilogy. Despite being labeled as an adult book, I’ve been LOVING IT. I’m planning on continuing with the series as soon as I get my hands on the physical copies of book 2 & 3.


It’s good to be back and I hope that I will still receive your warm welcome, so don’t forget to leave a comment or follow me on my social so we can stay connected 24/7 (just kidding, maybe for a few hours). I’m figuring out how to blog using a phone so bear with me.



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