Hi, Cabbages!

I know you’re all too tired to hear [read] my apology for being MIA (Missing In Action, just in case you didn’t know what it stood for) again. However, you’re all so precious to be left without an explanation; so from the bottom of my potato heart, I am truly sorry for not writing.

Please know that I will not be quitting this blog, I want us all to stay a family! I’ve never had any brothers or sisters, which makes everyone in this blog, my siblings. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for all of you, for not giving up on me.

For the most awaited news, as you can see from the title, Written Constellations be going through multiple revisions. I will be revamping my space and making it a new brand. Yes, as much as I would love to retain Written Constellations I can’t anymore. Recently, a revolutionary idea have been unearthed in my mind and with that comes a new brand. Don’t worry, it will still be ALL ABOUT BOOKS! I am still on aboard the nerd train, and I won’t be getting off any time soon (or in my words, NEVER). I hope you’re all excited as much as I am; I’ll be making bookish contents and still share thoughts and opinions about books.

I know what you must be thinking When are you planning to launch the new brand? Whoa, whoa. Hold off your horses, Cabbages (or is that what people usually say? Idk.) I’m just waiting for the artwork that will be used for my “art drop” marketing technique, and afterwards, I’ll be able to apply it all on my blog. My art drop will be around the city here in Philippines (because I’m a Filipina potato), which I’m hoping to spark interest for a lot of people.

If you’re interested to get more in-touched with me, please do leave me a message in the comments below. You can also look stalk me in my social media pages, and we can fangirl over fictional characters!

PS. I am blogging using my phone because my work computer doesn’t have an internet connection (I know, weird). My personal laptop is glitchy, so I’d rather just use my phone.

Stay tuned, Cabbages!

We’ll talk soon.



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