Terms and Conditions

Hi, Aliens!

I only started getting ARC’s for review, and I like it but I want to share my Review Policy before you consider sending me your books.

I am highly particular about the synopsis of the books I choose to read. Forgive me if I decline your request, I’m sure it’s a good book and that you’ve poured your heart into it but I won’t be the best one to give a review for your novel.

GENRE: (I only accept the following)

A. It has to be a Young Adult (YA) —Trust me, I will never get around to finishing if you send me Fiction, Professional, or Memoirs/Biographies.

  1. Contemporary YA
  2. Fantasy
  3. Dystopia
  4. Psychological Thriller
  5. Paranormal (But this is subject to my liking, it depends on the synopsis)

B. PLEASE refrain from sending me Erotica books, I don’t particularly enjoy my novels that highly involves sex. See? No Fiction. Sorry, but I will not be the best reviewer for you on this one.

FORMAT: I understand I’m from the Philippines and the process of shipping might be difficult, but more or less, I’d like to receive physical copies. But of course, I accept e-books as well. 🙂

TIME: Kindly keep in mind that I am working full-time and sometimes I compensate my time for reading just to finish my work tasks. So, please bear with me if I take quite a long time in finishing your book and posting a review.

REVIEW CONTENT: Bear in mind that whatever I write in my review are purely honest, and my opinion. I don’t force anyone to agree with me; I respect your thoughts, so please do the same with mine.

Should you be interested, kindly send me an email: archivesofenigma@yahoo.com

Thank you for taking the time in reading this! Looking forward to reviewing your novel/s soon!