Hello, Flamingos! It’s about time you learn the inner depths of how I rate the books that I read.

I’m quite bothered by how Goodreads don’t allow half-star ratings (ex. 3.40 or 4.50), and so I have decided to use the grading system I’ve had back when I was in college. Now, the following will be the ones you’ll see around Reading Flamingo.

We’ve got the different stages of reading flamingo, with the background designed by Mr. Melon…

A plus - Flamingo 2

5.00 – 4.10

Flamingo on fire!

A - Flamingo

4.00 – 3.10

Happy Flamingo!

B - Flamingo

3.00 – 2.10

Unsatisfied Flamingo

C plus - Flamingo

2.00 – 1.10

Lost Flamingo

D - Flamingo Rating


Flamingo Road Kill